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No. Whether you're a longtime vegan or a meat eater just trying out plant based foods, everyone is welcome to use Veats. However, for chefs/cooks/bakers, they need to be diligent to not use any animal based ingredients or cross contaminate with animal based products for items listed on Veats.
Cooks manage their own payments, including same day payouts using Stripe Connect. Cooks will sign up for Stripe Connect in their Veats settings, under “Set up Payout Account.
Absolutely! When you sign up, just select “Both” and you’ll have an eater profile and a cook profile. You can then toggle between “Eater Profile” or “Cook Profile” under settings.
You can send them a message through the app. Go to Booking -> Confirmed -> Event -> Messaging icon on the top right corner. Once communication has been established, future messages will show up on the “Messages” tab at the bottom of the app.
Since chefs/cooks have to prepare a certain amount of food based on the number of reservations they receive, you can only cancel your reservation before the chef confirms your booking. If you message the chef/cook, you might be able to get a raincheck for another day, but it’s ultimately up to them.
Chefs/Cooks manage their own payments, so you will have to discuss refunds directly with them. 10% of each reservation goes to Veats, so you may have to contact us to get this 10% refunded.
Veats will donate 10% of the booking fee to the charity of your choice listed in our dropdown menu. Charities may be rotated every three months based on customer feedback. Donations will be sent to the charities at the end of each fiscal year as one lump sum.
Sure! Apply by E-mailing us at eat@veats.app with your details for us to review. We only add vegan/animal related charities.
Yes! By using the sharing icon in the top right corner of the event, you can share events you’re attending or events you’ve created on most major social media platforms (except Instagram), or simply share the link to your event directly with friends/family. Instagram doesn’t allow us to share the events directly, but you can create a short URL, list it in your profile, and make an announcement on your own story/page.
Veats is currently available only in the US and UK. However, we are planning on expanding to other countries soon!. If you would like to participate in Veats, but we’re not available in your location, reach out tous at eat@veats.app.
Lots of different ways! Plan ahead and bring cash. Buy a drink at the restaurant and add the full tip amount to the meal in the receipt. Ask the waiter to authorize your card for a few cents so you can leave a tip. Use Venmo or CashApp. You can even tip with Litecoin or Bitcoin!
We plan to accept cryptocurrencies, mainly Litecoin and Bitcoin in the future, but there is not a solution that meets our needs at this time. If you have a payments solution that works in a marketplace style app, please contact us.
No, credit card information is stored and encrypted on Stripe’s servers. Stripe is one of the most trusted, widely accepted, and simple ways to accept credit card payments.
Only vegan food is allowed to be served on Veats, but furthermore, make sure you’re aware of your local food laws. Most US states have a “cottage food” law, and describe what types of foods can be produced safely at home. In the UK, the laws are much more flexible in terms of what you can produce from home if you get a certificate. Contact us if you’re having trouble finding the information you need.
Although formal chef training is not required, many states will require you to have a ServeSafe type of food handling certificate to help prevent food borne illnesses. While we support professional chefs, we also provide a platform for talented home cooks to make money using Veats.
Currently, this feature is not available in the app, but we’re working on it. If you have an interest in either being a private chef or hiring one, contact us and we might be able to help connect you with someone within our network.
For California based microenterprise home kitchens, your permit is only good for your home location. However, cooks can host events at other locations such as certified kitchens. All you have to do is create an event at locations other than your home. Just make sure it meets the local food law requirements.
Depends! You should definitely check out those pesky local food laws. But in most states where there are food freedom laws, or cottage food laws, you will be able to serve food to go, provided you abide by the labeling and packaging requirements.
Check your local food laws, but in most cases the answer is no. In some locations, like California, it is ok for you or one of the members of your household to deliver the food. But you cannot use outside food delivery services. This is to ensure that the food was not tampered with.
We highly recommend this to cut down on waste. If you’re a cook, recommend your Eaters to bring reusable contains. You can also message the Eaters if it is not clear in the event details after the reservation is booked.
At this time, we do not. But we’re actively looking into options. We’ll notify you once we have an update!
Home cooked meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast), baked goods, cooking classes. Sometimes, chefs and bakers will partner together for a single event. Some people who normally sell at the Farmer’s Market, will create a pre-sale event on Veats for customers who want to order ahead. If you have any other ideas or things you’d like to see added, email us at eat@veats.app.
The maximum number of courses allowed by the app is 10, but if you have an event that requires more courses, you can just add the extra details in the event description.

California based home cooks

Prior to listing foods for sale that are outside of a cottage food operation, you will need to know the requirements for permitting of a microenterprise home kitchen as specified in the California Retail Food Code, Chapter 11.6. See details here
Veats does not charge a fee to cooks/chefs to create events. But we do automatically add 10% on top of whatever the listing price is for each event. Therefore, the 10% fee is paid by the event attendees, or “Eater”. Our payment processor, Stripe, also charges a small transaction fee that Veats has no control over. The % Stripe charges varies by country and can be found on their website.
A dedicated field is provided when you sign up for Veats on the mobile app. Please note, you will have to renew your MEHKO permit annually.
As we understand it, each county/city that is offering permits will also include contact information for reporting a MEHKO. If you’re unable to find this information, please contact us directly at eat@veats.app.