We are working with restaurants of many cuisines all over the world to “plantify” some of their menu offerings to the delight of the current patrons and even attracting new patrons who are seeking out these offerings directly through our app. It’s easy to sign up and restaurants get to set their own prices and collect 100% of the listing price. Think of your local Italian or Spanish restaurant having a delicious 3 course offering specifically for vegan diners!


Home Cooking | Baking | Cooking Classes

We know we get jealous while scrolling through Instagram and seeing all of those amazing vegan home cooks! That led us to create the Home Cook option for this application, which allows entrepreneurs to create their own menus and offer Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Cooking Classes/Baked Goods & Sweets to their potential customers. Eaters will review the menus in their location and reserve a spot at the event. *Home cooking laws are currently very strict in many places, but cottage food laws for many vegan baked goods are much easier to offer in most US states. Currently available in US and UK, but please review your local food laws and contact us if you need help getting started Chefs/Cooks can currently offer full home cooked vegan meals in Wyoming, parts of UK with California coming soon based on the new law AB 626, and more places soon to follow.


Vegan Charities

We want to support the vegan movement every way we can and allow our users to have a voice in where the money goes, which is why we implemented the vegan charity selection when you check out. We will donate a percentage of every reservation to vetted vegan charities and we strive to have at least 5 options on our platform at any given time. We’re always open to suggestions on new charities and will likely rotate the options a couple of times per year to spread the love. The more you eat, the more we support so make a reservation today!


Get Involved

We will not be able to do this without the help of vegans around the world. There are three things you can do to get involved:

  1. Help us sign up local restaurants and ensure they have suitable vegan options.
    • We pay commissions for every reservation that is completed for restaurants you sign up for the entire first year!
  2. Home cooks to sign up and start opening their kitchens and dining rooms to vegan diners.
    • There is a lot that goes into becoming a home cook but it’s super rewarding and can be very lucrative.
    • The first part of it is making sure it’s legal in your location. After that, you start planning the menu, listing the dates and times you want to have the event on Veats, and spreading the word. We also also help with promoting and make it easy for people to find your event.
  3. The vegan community to get the word out about this service!
    • The more you share, the more we can grow the vegan movement. We’re currently working on incentive programs for referrals but don’t have anything in place at the moment. For now, we’re hoping people will do it for the animals or for the sake of having more available vegan options when eating out.

The future of vegan dining is Veats.

Although growing fast, vegan restaurant options are not very common in many parts of the world, unless you’re at a purely vegan restaurant (which we love!). We believe that the future is plant-based dining and we want to support the movement in three ways:

  • Working with existing restaurants around the world to create delicious vegan versions of their menu items and listing them on our platform
  • In places where it’s legal, work with vegan home cooks to open their homes to locals and travelers looking for a unique dining experience
  • Giving a portion of every reservation to vegan charities. The more you dine using our app, the more support they get.

An application to power the vegan movement

We will be recruiting vegan enthusiasts around the world to help us out on a commission basis to sign up restaurants and coach them on how to “plantify” some of their menu offerings, and explain why it’s important to have those options for their customers. We will also be supporting the home-cooked food movement by being the only existing home-cook app to focus purely on plant-based dining.

  • Vegan cooks who want to start a business from their home on their own schedule are encouraged to create a “Cook” account in places where it’s legal. Contact us at for more details.
  • People just interested in eating vegan food, should create an “Eater” profile to search all of the available options.
  • People who want to do both can create a “Both” profile and create events or make reservations to eat!
  • Although we wish all restaurants were vegan, and we know many vegans won’t eat at restaurants where animal products are sold, we decided that it’s important to offer plant based meals in as many locations as possible to start introducing people to vegan food who wouldn’t normally consider it, which will grow the movement and save lives.


If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, send us a message. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

We collect payments as soon as reservations are made, and we disburse them to the restaurants or cooks on Sunday or 24 hours after the meal has finished if the event happened on Sunday. This allows us to make sure the events actually took place.
Yes, when you sign up, just select “Both” and you’ll have an eater profile and a cook profile. In your settings, you can toggle between “Eater Profile” and “Cook Profile” depending on if you want to host an event or go eat some delicious food.
The more reservations our customers make, the more money we give to charities. Each reservation gives 10% of the booking fee to one of the charities listed on our dropdown menu. Charities will be changed out every 3 months based on customer feedback. Eventually, we would like to be able to list charities that are local to each user but that will take some time to build.
Veats is one of a kind. Unlike other sites and apps geared towards vegan food, we don’t just operate as a listing site. We work with existing restaurants and home cooks to help them create plant-based/vegan items exclusively for our platform. Our goal is to increase the amount of plant-based/vegan options across the globe and even expose this amazing cuisine to people who wouldn’t normally consider it.Often times, our menu offerings will have multiple courses for eaters, making the dining experience both unique and bountiful.
You can buy a drink or dessert at the restaurant and add the full tip amount on top of that. You can also ask the waiter to authorize your card for a few cents so you can leave a tip. You can tip with Litecoin or Bitcoin. You can bring cash with you. You can use venmo or other form of electronic payment system. There are lots of options, but plan ahead!

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